Metal Plasma - San Zeno Naviglio - Brescia

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Metal Plasma


Metal-Plasma Srl specialises in protective coatings for mechanical components.

The company's products and services are used in various industrial sectors, with the aim of making components more efficient by improving their surface characteristics in critical areas while also maintaining the integrity of the basic material; and in many cases using less noble or less heavy materials such as aluminium alloys.

Metal Plasma - San Zeno Naviglio - Brescia


Thanks to our advanced coating technologies such as HVOF, APS, Thermal spray and Wire spray, we can achieve coatings with a wide range of materials made from ceramics, carbides and super alloys, chosen according to the technical requirements such as wear resistance coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, coatings for thermal and electrical insulation as well as coatings for increasing or decreasing friction or dimensional restoration of worn areas.

Moreover, thanks to continuous investment, we are able to provide complementary services such as metallographic reports to certify the characteristics and quality of the coatings, dimensional measurements with a Zeiss 3D measuring machine.Thanks to years of experience and working in almost all industrial sectors, collaborating with leading companies, we are able to provide technical advice to find the most suitable coating solution for various problems and requirements.

The established relationship with machining workshops operating all over Italy has allowed us to create a high quality and reliable supplier base, ensuring the supply of mechanical components made according to drawings or samples with very competitive times and costs.We have been collaborating with teams engaged worldwide in the Motorsport field for several years and together, we have found innovative solutions for raising increasingly performance and reliability.



Metal Plasma has been on the market for innovative treatments since 1990. Mr Enzo Benaglio, after acquiring twenty years experience with a company leader in the sector, founded MP, starting from scratch, but with a lot of experience, confident and convinced of the goals to be achieved.


In 2000, after finishing his studies as Industrial expert, his son Kristian Benaglio joined the company, rising through the ranks starting as assistant sandblaster and growing professionally by learning all the technical and production problems not only in theory, but also in the field. With his entry, the company embarked on a continuous and long-lasting development and growth project, which will give MP continuity in the development of its goals and philosophy. During these years, the quality, reliability and continuous technological updating enabled a substantial growth both in terms of customers and in terms of productive and organisation structure.


In 2010, MPwas certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 .

diagram of company growth


In 2015, a change of generations between father and son took place leading to the transformation of MP metal plasma sole proprietorship in METAL-PLASMA Srl Single-member company. As you can see from the trend on the diagram, over the years Metal Plasma always increased its turnover and number of clients although it did not have a commercial network; this figure is evidence of: Quality, reliability, Speed, flexibility and great value for money. In addition, the policy of continuous investment in technological growth has paid off and we will continue on this path, together with our current and future customers.

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