Metal Plasma - San Zeno Naviglio - Brescia

Tel.: +39 302160589

We issue comprehensive, clear reports and certificates with regard to dimensions.
This service is provided both for components coated or provided by us and for account of third parties for items provided by the customer, at very competitive times and costs.
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By use of the 3D machine we can optimise the machining cycles, highlighting the critical issues and carrying out tests to overcome them, thus giving our operators greater confidence and awareness of quality in their work.

Another key aspect is the ability to perform tests on the incoming material to be coated, which allows us to select suppliers with a suitable profile for the standards required and therefore to create an efficient supplier base.

As we can measure parts in a wide variety of forms and materials, we are also able to offer advice on the causes of shape errors, and can also suggest the best clamping systems and machining cycles for producing components compliant with design.

3D measurements
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