San Zeno Naviglio (BS) 25010 – Italia

Regeneration of components



Metalplasma S.r.l. offers a service of regeneration of worn mechanical components in a short time, reducing maintenance costs.

We assess the extent of wear and recommend the most suitable type of coating for restoring the nominal dimensions. For example: bearing seats, sealing areas, coupling seats or machining errors, etc.


Our processes do not alter the other parts that are finished and in tolerance, therefore we can also work on finished pieces.

In the case that the component cannot be restored due to excessive wear or because the cost exceeds that of the value of the component itself, we can propose an economic evaluation regarding the complete supply of the particular design or by taking the measurements from the sample thanks to the use of 3D ZEISS measuring machine.

The standard procedure includes:

  • Pre-processing of worn areas
  • Identifying the thickness of the coating
  • Identification of the type of coating alloy: from metal alloys such as AISI316 / Ni-cr / metal alloys with hardnesses up to 60 HRC or, if you want to substantially extend the life of the component with respect to the original, Ceramics or carbides are used.
  • LASER CLADDING or Thermal spray coating (HVOF / APS / WIRE GAS SPRAY)
  • Final grinding to nominal dimension
  • 3D dimensional control