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Metal-Plasma Srl has been specializing in protective coatings on mechanical components for over 30 years.

MP’s products and services are applied with the aim of giving the components a high degree of efficiency, while keeping the basic construction material unaltered.


Thanks to our advanced coating technologies such as: Laser cladding, Hvof, Aps, Wire gas spray, we can create coatings made of a very wide range of materials based on Ceramics, Carbides and Super metal alloys, chosen on the basis of the technical needs necessary to overcome the problems of: wear, corrosion, thermal and electrical insulation, an increase or a decrease in friction or dimensional restoration of worn areas.


Metal-Plasma specializes in various application sectors such as iron and steel sector, packaging, gas & oil, automotive, paper, etc. and offers complete manufacturing solutions on various components such as: hydraulic cylinders, rollers, shafts, spindles, bushes, rings, blades, vanes and many others.

Our coatings can also be applied to components of different geometries and materials, with dimensions up to:

6 m long X 2 m in diameter with a weight up to 5000 kgs.


  • Reduction of friction coefficients, reducing power losses due to it;
  • Increase in thermal efficiency;
  • Possibility of reducing the weight of the components by using lighter and more workable base materials such as aluminum and titanium, thus reducing the rotating masses and inertia;
  • We regenerate worn components, so as to reduce the material to be demolished and disposed of;
  • Longer life of components and lower maintenance and downtime costs.

Sustainable mechanical components

we improve the eco-sustainability of your plants and components

Our coating technologies help reduce environmental impact by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the mechanical components treated.

01.Efficiency and quality of services
02.Long-lasting coatings
03.Eco-sustainable mechanical components

Quality, reliability and continuous technological growth

the history of metal-plasma

Metal-Plasma has been on the market for innovative treatments since 1995. After having accumulated twenty years of experience in a leading company in the sector, Mr. Enzo Benaglio founded MP. He started from scratch, but with a lot of experience, confidence and convinced of the objectives to be achieved.
In 2000, after obtaining a diploma as an industrial engineer, his son Kristian Benaglio joined the company, starting from the “Bottom” as an assistant sandblaster and developing professionally by learning all the technical and production problems not only in theory but also in the field. With this addition, a project of continuous development and long, lasting growth was launched, which gave MP a continuity in the development of the objectives and of the company philosophy. In recent years, quality, reliability and continuous technological growth have allowed for notable development both in terms of clientele and of productive and organizational structure.
In 2010, MP was certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008
In 2015 the generational change between father and son took place which led to the transformation from MP Metal-Plasma, a sole proprietorship to METAL-PLASMA S.r.l. (a limited liability company) Unipersonale (single-member company). Over the years, thanks to quality, reliability, speed, flexibility and good value for money we have always managed to increase our turnover and the number of our customers despite not having a commercial network. Furthermore, the policy of continuous investment in technological growth has paid off and we will continue along this path, together with our current and future customers.
In 2020 Metal-Plasma srl invested in a new technology, different from the thermal spray treatments used up to then. This is "laser cladding", an innovative welding process that makes it possible to coat even a greater number of components.
Metal-Plasma is expanding: the surface area has been enlarged and the production, warehouse and office departments have been better divided.