San Zeno Naviglio (BS) 25010 – Italia

Grinding and finishing



In addition to coatings, Metal-Plasma deals with grinding and polishing with micro-abrasives for roughnesses lower than Ra 0.1. The fundamental importance that the finishing process of our coatings has, often underestimated, led us to create an internal grinding and finishing department. It is equipped with systems for external and internal diameters and flat surfaces, equipped with diamond grinding wheels and abrasives of all grits in order to reach even the most extreme finishing levels.


In this way we can be sure of offering the customer the best component processing procedure, even in the final phase which could compromise the quality of the coatings, if suitable abrasives and techniques are not used.

Furthermore, thanks to this service we are able to obtain short delivery times and very competitive costs. An Express service with 24/48 lead times is available on request to supply the coated and ground component.